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Crystal Singing Bowls of San Francisco

Established 2017

Crystal Singing Bowls of San Francisco is an affiliate of the Orion Center for Sound Healing established in 2017 by Jordan Blake. Orion Center provides sound healing education, goods, and services to the SF Bay Area. We combine ancient, shamanic wisdom with modern, somatic sciences.

Our Services

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Singing Bowl Consultation

Meet the entire collection of singing bowls and we will work together to find your perfect bowlmate.

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Sound Healing Education

With purchase of any singing bowl private instruction and sound healing education is included.

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Sound Therapy

Enter a state of deep meditation listening to the sounds of the alchemical singing bowls and vocal harmonic overtones. Provides listener with complete physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment.

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Heyoka Medicine

Heyoka Medicine is an ancient shamanic practice. The Heyoka is an energetic mirror of truth which brings the shadow into the light so it may be acknowledge, accepted, and integrated into the self.

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What Our Clients Say About Jordan

Jordan is a Heyoka Shaman. Click here to learn more.

"Every time I have received a session from Jordan I feel clearer, more relaxed, and at ease in my body, mind, and soul. Jordan is gifted in helping you move through difficult emotions and stuck energy. He is helping align my body and energy centers and I have learned a great deal from him to enhance my life and therapeutic practice."

-Anneli V., Music Therapist

"Jordan's intuitiviness and ability to connect with another persons energy is very subtle, yet powerful."

-Jerry C., Massage Therapist

"I experienced a POWERFUL release during our session which opened the gateways for many magical changes in my life. I was ready to let go of a lot, and he was able to connect on a very deep level to what needed moving within me."

-Kristin G., Reiki Practitioner

"Presence, openness, sensitivity and heart is how I would describe Jordan. Not only is he skilled and seasoned, but has an innate curiosity about how he can deliver the best rounded experience to his clients. This leads him to continually feed his spirit and mind to add to his already abundant chest of healing tools. He is also a wonderful teacher and approaches any subject with a sincere attitude that encourages open, comfortable dialogue."

-Jose L., Real Estate Agent